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Bass Fishing

Anglers everywhere are hooded on Bass Fishing! The primary species for Bass are Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass. Of course, there is also striped bass, but we have an entire section of the website focusing on Striped Bass. Typically, the Smallmouth Bass is not found further south than Tennessee, but those big, fat “hawgs” known as Largemouth Bass are the sought after trophy of southern fishermen.

Largemouth Bass:
Largemouth Bass can be found in freshwater lakes, ponds and streams across North America. The Largemouth Bass varies in color, depending on the area they live, and the genetics. But most all Largemouth Bass have a green color, from deep mossy green to a brighter irridescent green. They have, of course, a big mouth with bright red gills. Down the centerline of the body, they have distinctive markings, and also from their eyes radiating out onto their cheeks. Most have a white, iridescent belly. The Largemouth Bass make for some very tasty eating!

Fishing for Largemouth Bass:
Anglers really enjoy fishing for Largemouth Bass because they put on such a fight! It is quite a thrill when the big bass jumps out of the water twisting and turning trying to throw the hook! There are as many ways to fish for Largemouth Bass as there are anglers, but the most common fishing methods are:
• Fishing with Plastic Worms – every color imaginable
• Jigs
• Crank Bait
• Spinnder Bait
• Flyfishing
• Live Bait – Nightcrawlers, Minnows, Frogs , Crawfish or Golden Shiner
A really nice Largemouth Bass will be about 8 pounds, but the largest at the time of this article’s writing is a smidgen over 25 lbs! That bass had been caught and released in Escondido, CA, but later died after spawning. “Dottie” the bass was called, lived to be an estimated 17 years.

Smallmount Bass:
Smallmouth Bass, AKA Bronzebacks, area also freshwater fish, but thrive in cooler waters. The Smallmouth Bass is stocked in many cool rivers and tributaries across North America. The Smallmouth Bass also puts up a good fight when hooked, adding to the thrill of the catch. To verify this, just ask any angler who has been lucky enough to catch a nice size Smallmouth Bass!As with the Largemouth Bass, the same types of bait are used. Flyfishing for Smallmouth Bass has grown in popularity over the years.
Bass Fishing Guides, Charters, Trips:
World Class Outdoors features several Bass fishing guides and charters! These experts have access to prime waters, excellent boats with all the fishing tackle and gear - and they know the best methods for success in their areas. Contact the Bass Fishing guides and charters on the website and you are automatically entered in our Free Monthly Prize Drawing.