Bliss Creek Outfitters
Wyoming Elk, Mule Deer, Bear Hunts - Guide and Outfitter Training

Wyoming Outfitter: Tim Doud
License #BG195


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Bliss Creek Outfitting and Guide School

Bliss Creek Outfitting and Guide School

Bliss Creek Outfitters - One of North America's Premier Big Game Outfitters! It won't take long to see the name of this outfitter featured on numerous Outdoor Television Shows such as "Outdoor America", "Bowhunter Magazine TV", "North American Hunter", "American Archer", and "Babe Winkleman's Outdoor Secrets". With over 30 years guiding and training guides, Tim Doud and Bliss Creek Outfitters has also been featured in numerous hunting magazines - particularly Bowhunting Magazines!

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Bliss Creek Camp is located 22 miles into the Washakie Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest. NW Wyoming

Elk Hunting with Bliss Creek Outfitters

Elk Hunting with Bliss Creek Outfitters

Our ARCHERY ELK SEASON is in September - and this is a true wilderness experience! This is known as the "Majestic Bugle Season!" Shooting success at bulls 40 yards or less has averaged around 75% over the past 2 decades.

GENERAL RIFLE ELK SEASON is October 1-21, and we run 7-day hunts with one or two hunters per guide. Hunting will vary from calling in bulls to glassing and staling to still hunting through timber.

LATE SEASON ELK is in November and this is during the migration out of the high fall range down to the winter range. It is not uncommon to see herds of 100-200 elk. The chance of getting a really big bull are high and success rates are near 100% on 300 B&C bulls!

Bliss Creek Camp, in the Washakie Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest, consist of wall tents, log beds with comfortable mattresses, wood burning stoves and heated showers. The camp cook prepares delicious, hearty family-style meals in the cook tent while the guide and hunters share stories about the day's hunt.

Black Bear Hunts with Bliss Creek Outfitters

Black Bear Hunts with Bliss Creek Outfitters

Our Spring Black Bear hunts are conducted in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming from May 1 - June 15. We have 100% success rate, but we only take 6 hunters a year. So if you want a Black Bear, you better book early! We hunt over baits at 6000 to 9000 feet and some of our bait stations have been set up for over 30 years!

Guide Training School - Wilderness Archery Elk Guide Training

Guide Training School - Wilderness Archery Elk Guide Training

Since 1991, Tim Doud has been training aspiring hunting guides in the arts of wilderness packing, cooking, horsemanship, guiding and outfitting. We offer several options to meet the needs of each student:

  • Group guide School (4-weeks in either April or June)
  • Personalized Guide Training (One-on-one) 4-weeks
  • Group Cook School - 4-weeks
  • Personalized Cook School
  • Personalized Wrangler School - 4-weeks

Our specialty is in training Archery Elk Guides - that is the highest demand. If a pro guide has that skill, the other things things come easy. In our 4-week curriculum, we cover all the essentials and advanced techniques that will give you the advantage when being placed in a real outdoor career. We provide job placement through our vast network of outfitters through the US. We Guarantee it! Career Placement Assistants available for graduating students. We have had a 100% job placement rate since 1992.

During the 4 weeks, students will learn all about Game and Fish Regulations, Packing, Shoeing, Horsemanship, Guiding Skills and Equipment, Camp Set-Up and Equipment, Stalking and Tracking Game, Trophy Care and Tracking Game, Bowhunting, Safety, and much more. Students will have packed a string of mules over 100 miles of wilderness terrain under the direction and supervision of the instructor, Tim Doud - much more than any other guide school.

There are hundreds of trained guides that will gladly provide testimonials and references for our Guide Training School upon request!

Our Camp is in the Washakie Wilderness of the Snoshone Forest