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Fly Fishing

The passionate Fly Fishing enthusiast would call fly fishing an art. Others might call it an addiction. No matter what category you place it, Fly Fishing requires some skills that may not come naturally. But the rewards of learning proper fly fishing techniques are certainly worth it! Fly Fishing guides generally fall into the first category and they love to share their knowledge and experience – and perhaps a fishing story or two. The will share their years of acquired skills and you’ll enjoy the relaxing company of someone who enjoys fly fishing – maybe even as much as you do!

Whether you are new to the sport of fly fishing or a seasoned angler, it can be beneficial to hire a professional fly fishing guide – especially if you are in unfamiliar waters. The Fly Fishing guide will know the best locations on the water – and will gladly share the best honey holes for a valued client. They will also know the right kind of flies to use for each species of fish – Trout being the most commonly pursued while Fly Fishing. And there are several species of trout depending on the location you are fishing. The Fly Fishing Guide will also know the best time of day for the most productive fishing.

Fly Fishing Trips

Several of the Fly Fishing Guides listed on the website specialize in remote wilderness trips that are far and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you want a true wilderness experience, consider Montana, Wyoming or Utah for an incredible Fly Fishing Trip in the mountains. Pack in on horses, stay in tent camps, enjoy time around a warm fire in the evening and fish from your choice of hundreds of mountain streams, ponds and rivers. Don’t forget to take a good camera – you’ll need it for your trophy pictures, but also for the other wildlife and breath-taking vistas you’ll see during your Fly Fishing Trip. Also consider this as great opportunity to take a vacation from the distractions of life and truly enjoy time with family and friends.