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Georgia Deer Hunts - Hunting Whitetail Deer in Georgia

Georgia Deer Hunts

The beautiful state of Georgia offers an incredible habitat for whitetail deer hunts! From the beautiful coastal regions near historic Savannah to the hills and mountains near Dalton Georgia! There are rich farm lands that cross the state and plenty of opportunity for true trophy deer hunting in Georgia.

World Class Outdoors features professional hunting guides, outfitters and lodges that are eager to customize a Georgia Deer Hunt to meet your needs, or for your group. Choose from fully guided deer hunts to semi-guided or even self guided services. Some of our Georgia Deer Hunting Guides are able to arrange for combo hunts as well. Wild hog and a variety of small game are hunted in Georgia.

For years Georgia deer hunters have worked to improve the quality of the deer hunts by working with Quality Game Management Systems, maintaining healthy buck/doe ratios and planting for a well-fed herd.

Rest assured the pro Georgia Hunting Outfitters and Guides have done their part by investing in food plots and abiding by the regulations, but also by maintaining a trophy buck standard for their hunting properties.

Common Methods for Georgia Deer Hunts

Most deer hunts in Georgia are "still hunts" from either a well camouflaged ground blind, a shooting house or a tree stand. Most hunting lodges will have numerous food plots full of crops known to attract and hold the deer and the stands or shooting houses are placed near these areas or on known game trails to improve the odds at a trophy Georgia Deer!

Hunters must do their part for a successful Georgia Deer Hunt!

First, practice to become very proficient with your weapon. In Georgia, you can hunt deer with a bow, rifle, muzzleloader or shotgun. Whatever weapon you choose, make sure you are comfortable with it and when you arrive at the Georgia Hunting Lodge, take some time on the range to make sure it is in good working order before the hunt.

Be Invisible: Ask your Georgia Hunting Guide what camo pattern is the best to use in the area. Try to be as invisible as possible when deer hunting!

Scent Control: Make sure you use the right detergents and deodorants. No smoking and take advantage of the excellent scent control products on the market today. When deer hunting in Georgia, weather can vary, so be prepared for both warm and cold weather.

Noise Control: Don't forget to silence your phone and move like a NINJA! They call it still hunting for a reason. If you are hunting with a youth, a shooting house may be a good choice to keep them warm and also for noise control during the deer hunt.

Calling and Rattling for Deer: What works in one region may not be so effective in others. Be sure to check with your Georgia Hunting Guide for the most effective techniques if you plan to be aggressive in your calling.

After your trophy is down: This is yet another great reason to use the services of a pro Georgia Hunting Guide or Outfitter - they help with game retrieval, cleaning and packing your trophy buck back to camp!

Overall, Georgia is a game-rich state that offers the hunter plenty of opportunities for deer hunting. In addition to that, the Atlanta airport seems to be the center of the universe! It's easy to travel to Georgia - so contact our pro hunting guides, outfitters and lodges and book a deer hunt today!