Learn How To Mount a Bobcat

The "How to Mount a Bobcat Video" is a 2-hour video that teaches, with detailed step-by-step instruction for beginners how to mount a bobcat. Although a bobcat is featured in the video, the same taxidermy techniques can be applied to other mammals such as coyotes, fox, raccoon or squirrel. The instructor covers each step, leaving nothing out, so you will learn the complete process, start to finish.

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How To Mount a Bobcat - Reviews

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful video series. I purchased the Master's Series from you and I have to say it is the best collection of taxidermy instructional videos that I have ever seen. You did a great job of simplifying procedures and explaining processes. I am more confident than ever in my taxidermy ability thanks to your videos. I now have a long list of customers waiting for seasons to open up so they can bring me their trophies and it's all because of the skills I perfected learning with your video. It is a great teaching tool for amateur taxidermists like myself. I have attached a few photos of recent projects since ordering your videos. Thanks again for a great product!" by Brandon M.
"Bill, I really enjoyed the videos. I liked the close-up shots. I think I am going to do good." by Shane E.
"Mr. Atkins, Your BassTaxidermy video did a great job in assisting me on my first fish mount. I did so well on my first fish, that I am already working on a second one for a fellow employee at work. Thanks a lot buddy! " by Viper S.

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Learn How To Mount a Bobcat

Each of the How to Taxidermy Videos were recently filmed in our professional studio using the latest HD technology. It is very important that you see the up-close footage in the best quality. The teacher, Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins, covers each step of the taxidermy process, leaving nothing out. You will learn:

  • The necessary supplies and tools for taxidermy
  • How to take the necessary measurements to order supplies
  • How to skin, flesh and tan the bobcat
  • How to fix bullet holes
  • How to alter the manikin to fit the bobcat
  • The complete mounting process
  • How to finish and paint the bobcat

We also give you access to a current list of supply companies and taxidermy resources to help you along the way as you learn how to mount a bobcat and other animals. This is a great video to learn how to mount your own trophies, or perhaps make extra money in your own business!

On SALE: $24.95 (Reg $29.95)

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Learn How To Mount a Bobcat

Bobcat Taxidermy

This is the actual Bobcat that was mounted in the "How To Mount A Bobcat Video". This is an incredibly lifelike mount - a great addition to any hunter's collection!

Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins is renown in the field of Taxidermy by his clients. For over 25 years, he has produced quality taxidermy work and now he brings these taxidermy secrets to you on video!

You will watch as Bill explains all the necessary tools and supplies needed, how to take the measurements on the animal, how to properly skin, flesh and tan the hide, how to alter the manikin for mounting, and the complete mounting process, start to finish. He leaves nothing out.

Once you have watched the How to Mount a Bobcat Video you'll be ready when you see that predator on your next hunt!

All DVDs were filmed with HD technology, in a professional studio with great close-ups to show extreme detail. These taxidermy instruction DVDs are the best way to learn taxidermy from home.

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