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Save $100s or Earn $1000 when you learn How to Do Taxidermy like a pro!† With our How To Taxidermy Videos, itís just like you are in a private Taxidermy Class!† Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins makes learning Taxidermy fun, easy and exciting.††Each How To Taxidermy Video is designed for beginners, but also teaches some advanced techniques that an experienced taxidermist can find helpful.

All of our "How To Taxidermy" Videos are brand new and filmed using HD technology for superior quality! Choose to order an individual "How To Taxidermy" Video or SAVE BIG with the package sets!† Free shipping on most videos! Click an animal below to learn more about each "How To Taxidermy Video."

How To Taxidermy Video Reviews

"After watching your video on how to mount a bass, I first tried a shellcracker which turned out ok, then I was fortunate enough to get a nice bass in and I think it turned out very nice for my first fish. Your techniques and tips are very helpful and easy to follow along with. The video was great, I have the whole north American collection. " by Jake C.
"Really enjoyed these videos. When will you have more?" by Blake V.
"Mr. Atkins, Your BassTaxidermy video did a great job in assisting me on my first fish mount. I did so well on my first fish, that I am already working on a second one for a fellow employee at work. Thanks a lot buddy! " by Viper S.

Save with Our "How To Taxidermy" Sets

Includes How to Mount Deer, Fish, Duck and Bobcat - Package Discount - FREE Shipping!...
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How To Taxidermy Videos Offered

Currently we have the following How To Taxidermy Videos available, but we are adding new how-to videos all the time. Be sure to register for our newsletter so you will know when new How To Taxidermy Videos are available.

  • How To Mount A Deer
  • How To Mount A Fish
  • How To Mount A Duck
  • How To Mount A Bobcat
  • How To Mount An Elk
  • How To Mount An Antelope
  • How To Mount A Mule Deer
  • How To Tan A Hide
  • How To Mount a Turkey
  • How To Mount a Squirrel
  • How To Complete a Rack Mount

In the Deer, Fish, Duck and Bobcat How-To Videos, the complete process from start to finish is covered, including:

  • How to take the measurements
  • How to order the right supplies
  • How to skin and flesh the hide
  • How to preserve the hide
  • How to Mount each animal
  • How to finish and paint each animal
  • How to add the extra details that give that special "live" look to your mounts

In the Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope How To Videos, Bill starts with a tanned cape and continues the process all the way through the final finish work. In the How To Taxidermy for Western Game Set, there is a video teaching how to cape, flesh and tan a hide.

How To Taxidermy - Learn Step-by-Step

How To Taxidermy

Learning How To Do Taxidermy can be a difficult process because there are very few Taxidermy Schools available in the country, and the cost can be a problem for a lot of people. In addition to the cost of the classes, there is travel, lodging, meals and time missed on the job that can really add up.

Our How To Taxidermy Videos provide a great way to learn, not only the basic taxidermy skills, but time-tested techniques that professional taxidermists use every day. The How To Taxidermy Videos are just like attending a private lesson, except you can refer back to them at any time - and you don't have to travel away from home to learn How To Do Taxidermy.

If after working through the How To Taxidermy Videos you feel you would like further training, then you will be far better prepared for the hands on training an expensive taxidermy school may provide.

Another way to learn How To Do Taxidermy is to work in an existing taxidermy business. Our How To Taxidermy Videos are great preparation in order to have the experience needed to be hired in a professional studio.

All DVDs were filmed with HD technology, in a professional studio with great close-ups to show extreme detail. These taxidermy instruction DVDs are the best way to learn taxidermy from home.

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