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Florida alligator hunting is one of the most adrenaline-pumping and exhilarating ways to hunt in the world. Day hunts with rifles or night hunts with bows and harpoons are sure methods of hooking you on alligator hunting for life.

Alligator hunting was not always legal in the United States. As a matter of fact, alligators were considered endangered from 1967 to 1987. Gator hunting is now legal in many states across America, including Florida and Texas.

The name “alligator” comes from the Spanish name “el legarto”, meaning “big lizard.” Alligators come in various sizes, from four to six feet long. When you are selecting a place in Florida to gator hunt, keep in mind that it is a far more exiting experience if the alligators are truly wild and not farm-raised. True wild alligators are feisty and very leery of humans, making them extremely experienced in keeping their distance and staying out of sight. Remember that very large alligators (e.g. nine-footers) are always male. Their size lets you know that they have survived hunters before you, so they are especially wary of the presence of humans. These alligators can be a challenge to kill, but are well worth the effort.

You may be wondering what you should do with your alligator once you’ve snagged him. Many people choose to have their gator processed for later dining. Alligator meat is said to have a flavor similar to chicken with a slightly oily finish. Alligators are also great for mounting; check to see if your Florida outfitter offers a trip to the taxidermist following the hunt.

Depending on the amount of cash you have to spend, you can choose from four- to 13-foot alligators. Generally, the longer the alligator, the more expensive the Florida gator hunt will be. Gators over nine feet are considered trophies.

Unless you have experience with hunting alligators and the equipment necessary, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of a guided alligator hunt in Florida. Florida hunting guides are full-time, trained experts on alligators and alligator habits. Unlike the weekend hunter, a guide has spent many hours studying alligator habits and can help make the hunter’s trip a success. A guided alligator hunt in Florida gives the hunter the best possible chance to make a kill.

Florida alligator hunting can happen on public waterways, as well as on private ranches. Florida hunting ranches are the ideal place for a hunt and often provide food and lodging for the guests. Some of these ranches are not far from other attractions, such as Disney World.

Alligators are not the only critters to hunt in Florida. Whitetail deer abound here, as well as wild hogs, quail, turkeys and Burmese pythons. Florida is a place for hunters of all backgrounds and preferences, from the Pennsylvania archer to the rifle hunter from Missouri. Consider Florida for your next one-stop hunting experience!

Before a person can purchase a Florida hunting license, he or she must pass a hunter safety course. This course is designed to ensure that the knowledge and skills necessary for a safe and successful hunt are understood before the individual is granted hunting privileges.

Alligator hunting is one of the most rewarding sports in the world. Nothing beats the thrill of sending a bullet, arrow or harpoon through a relative of the dinosaur and having your photo taken next to your catch. The Florida alligator has no predator besides man. Come show Jaws who’s boss.

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