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About Bostick Plantation

Bostick Plantation - South Carolina HuntingDo you want the HUNT OF A LIFETIME? Are you looking for some good-ole Southern Hospitality? At Bostick Plantation, our goal is to deliver exactly that! We have over 10,000 acres of intensely managed acres to hunt. This land is special because is personal, private property and it has been managed carefully managed for wildlife for more than 30 years.


Bostick Plantation is a welcome blend of old world charm and the latest and most effective game management and nutrition systems to improve your hunting success! Our results speak for themselves. We have years of satisfied clients that come back year after year, not just for the hunting, but for the warm welcome and good food they know they will enjoy at Bostick Plantation.


With Bostick Plantation, you’ll feel like an honored guest, and never like just another hunter.

SC Turkey Hunts

Turkey Hunting at Bostick PlantationBostick Plantation has fantastic turkey population, and we do our best to make sure you have excellent locations, experienced guides and well placed cover for your turkey hunt. Our turkey hunters enjoy a light breakfast before daybreak, get camo-ed up and make for the woods. The guide will assist in locating the birds using different calling techniques. Once the turkey are located, a strategic location is chosen for the hunt. Over the years, Bostick Plantation has had hundreds of fellow turkey hunters enjoy the thrill of calling that big tom into range! We have plenty of photos to prove it!

SC Hog Hunts

Bostick Plantation Hog Hunts - South CarolinaOn Bostick Plantation’s 10,000 acres, we have excellent hog hunting opportunities! We have a variety of habitat, including the swampy river bottoms they love to wallow in. Our hogs are different because they are descended from true Russian Boar imported at Bostick Plantation several generations back. They are wild, tough, toothy and thrilling to hunt!

Bostick Plantation Lodge Options

bostick-plantation-sc-hunts-4The Executive Lodge comfortably holds 10 hunters in an elegant atmosphere where you aren’t afraid to put up your feet after a memorable hunt. Private rooms, open bar, swimming pool and delicious meals are among some of the amenities of the Executive Lodge.


The Main Lodge is also a comfortable, yet more casual, option. Also accommodating up to 10 hunters. Guests can prepare their own meals in the kitchen or dine at local restaurants.

South Carolina Hunting Location

Bostick Plantation
9770 Augusta Stage Coach Rd
Estill, SC 29918