Hunting Ranches - Game Preserves

Hunting Ranches and Game Preserves

Hunting Ranches and Game Preserves offer a variety of hunting experiences and game species. World Class Outdoors features a great number of hunting ranches across North America, and many offer hunts year round. A game preserve typically referrs to a large piece of property that has been strictly managed for game quality and is secured with a high fence. The fence is used to keep the superior genetics of the herd pure, to protect against uninvited hunters, to keep the animals safe from disease, to keep dogs and predators off the property and to manage the game. Oftentimes hunting a hunting ranch or game preserve is a great way to introduce a young hunter to the sport, because they are more likely to see game, keeping it very exciting. WCO features hunting ranches and preserves in these locations:

Don't think because the hunt is on a preserve that it won't be challenging! The size of the property, the terrain and the game being hunted all contribute to that factor. Many preserves include miles of property and a huge variety of terrain including hills, bottoms, swamps, rolling meadows, forest, thickets and mountains.

The types of hunts that are available are virtually limitless. But there are a few that are particularly popular. Any native game, such as Whitetail Deer, are hunted only during the season dates provided by the state. Other game that is not native, such as stag, rams, and exotic deer are hunted at the discretion of the ranch, but very often, year round. And almost all ranches that offer hog hunts do so year round. Some ranches specialize in hog hunting, even offering the Russian Boar.

  • Whitetail Deer, Trophy Elk, Bison aka Buffalo
  • Exotic Deer Species include Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Sika Deer and the majestic Red Stag
  • Exotic Rams and Sheep include Coursican, Mouflon, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Barbados and Aoudad
  • Exotic Goats include the Angora, Ibex and Catalina (or Spanish Goat)
  • Exotic Antelope include the Nilgai, the Blackbuck and the Oryx
  • A vast array of African Game are also available
  • Bird hunting preserves offer Pheasant, Quail, Partridge, Dove and Mallard

Lodging will vary at ranches, from the high-end accommodations to a rustic cabin. Be sure to get pictures of your lodging and also ask about the kind of meals to be expected. Is it a "steak and potatoes" place or a PB&J with chips? Because many hunters want to bring their spouse, who may not plan to hunt, there is likely to be other attractions nearby.

Hunting preserves vary in costs and policies. Trophy fees per animal determined by score or weight are usually charged. Package hunts are usually commonly. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to reward a hunter or group of hunters, contact the Hunting Ranches listed on the site for details. They are happy to provide information on the types of hunts and accommodations they offer.