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North Carolina Hog Hunts - Tips for Planning Great Hog Hunts!

North Carolina Hog Hunts - An exciting and sometimes rewarding sport that has gained huge popularity over the years! Hogs are also known as feral pig and are domestic animals that are omnivores. North Carolina offers a wide array of habitat with many swampy areas in which hogs are bound to be found.

Our Hunting guides and outfitters plan North Carolina Hog Hunts

North Carolina Hog Hunts are conducted year round and there is no limit to the number of hogs a hunter can harvest in most areas of the state. Hunters get creative and challenge their skills with different types of weapons when hog hunting. You can hog hunt with a big knife to bows, rifles and pistols and a few outfitters even use dogs to track and hold the hogs. A few counties currently have hog hunting seasons; Macon, Jackson, Cherokee, Clay and Swain. Hunters are limited to one hog per day and two hogs per hog hunting season. The hunting season in North Carolina is normally between September to February; however, the exact dates vary from year to year. Only a few of the North Carolina counties are subjected to this hunting season.

If you are planning a hog hunting trip in North Carolina, you should be familiar with the territory that you will be hunting on before the hunt. This might be difficult if you do not live in North Carolina are traveling to North Carolina for a hog hunt. It does not matter if you are familiar or non-familiar with the territory, you should always seek advice from a North Carolina hog hunting outfitter who will be able to provide you with professional and experienced hog hunting guides. A hog hunting guide will be familiar with the area that will be used for the hunt and will be able pin-point the places where the hogs might be. Most hogs will be in areas where they have a dependable supply for food and water.

North Carolina hog hunting outfitters and guides can help you to choose the right hunting gear, weapons and clothing for your hog hunting trip. In most cases the North Carolina hog hunting outfitters will also supply you with all the information you might need to plan your hog hunting trip including the states hunting license that is needed and the season schedule. This website, NC Wildlife, will take you to where you can buy a North Carolina hunting license. North Carolina hunting outfitters are very important to a successful hunting trip. Most hog hunting outfitters are located in the heart of the area where the hogs live and are able to be of great assistance to you. They are also responsible for making and implement relevant hunting rules and regulations that should be followed during the hunting trip.

The NC hog hunting guides on the other hand make it their duties to make your hunting trip as enjoyable and successful as much as possible. They are responsible for organizing and conducting the expedition for the hunters, assessing potential dangers, assembling necessary supplies and equipment, preparing and serving meals. and instructing and demonstrating hunting skills and techniques.

To insure you have a thrilling and successful hog hunting experience, make sure you contact the outfitters and guides on this page and they will get you all the details to plan fun and exciting North Carolina Hog Hunts for you and your group.