How To Tan A Hide

Learn how to Tan A Hide and make a deer skin rug! Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins teaches the tanning process step by step in this detailed taxidermy video on DVD! Great video for the do-it-yourself hunter that wants to tan his own hides.

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Reviews on Taxidermy DVDs

"Really enjoyed these videos. When will you have more?" by Blake V.
"After watching your video on how to mount a bass, I first tried a shellcracker which turned out ok, then I was fortunate enough to get a nice bass in and I think it turned out very nice for my first fish. Your techniques and tips are very helpful and easy to follow along with. The video was great, I have the whole north American collection. " by Jake C.
"I recently ordered your 8 DVD Master Set and I would like to say thank you!! I am a novice taxidermist, in fact, your DVDs were my first real instruction and offered an exciting insight to the world of taxidermy. I am very excited and can not wait to mount my first animal. The videos were extremely high quality with excellent close up footage and you did an exceptional job at explaining the process, and you were constantly concious about the location of the camera and if the viewer could see. Excellent product!!" by Josh H.

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Hide Tanning Step by Step

The Hide Tanning DVD is newly filmed using current tanning techniques and materials. All of our DVDs were filmed using HD technology for the best possible quality. Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins puts his 25 years in the field of taxidermy to work in these DVDs! This DVD teaches:

  • Skinning
  • Salting
  • Fleshing the hide
  • Pickleing
  • Tanning - Preserving
  • Softening the hide

The entire process is covered, step-by-step. Each student also has access to a list of top taxidermy supply companies and resources to help along the way.

On SALE: $9.95 (Reg $29.95)


Hide Tanning - Deer Skin Rug

Hide Tanning

The How To Tan A Hide DVD is a great way to start learning taxidermy! In this detailed taxidermy DVD, Bill teaches how to skin, flesh and tan a hide to get a nice deer skin rug. The same techniques can be applied to any animal hide.

Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins is an excellent instructor and goes through each process step-by-step so even a beginner can understand, yet an experienced taxidermist might pick up a few new techniques.

By learning how to tan hides, you can save money or even make extra money in your own business.

All DVDs were filmed with HD technology, in a professional studio with great close-ups to show extreme detail. These taxidermy instruction DVDs are the best way to learn taxidermy from home.

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