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Located in the heart of Saskatchewan, Canada

Prairie Rose Outfitters

Guided Waterfowl Hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada


Located in the heart of Saskatchewan, Canada, Prairie Rose Outfitters will provide you with the most exciting waterfowl hunt of your life. We’ve been operating since 1995, and continually bring in award-winning – first class guides to get you engaged in the most waterfowl hunting action possible.

Because we are located in the north where most waterfowl start their migration, the birds are less pressured, hungry and come in from every angle! This makes us the best choice for waterfowl hunting and better than anywhere else. Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting has been described as the “tornadoes of ducks” with many of our experienced customers saying this is the “most birds I’ve ever seen”.

Since Prairie Rose Outfitters is Saskatchewan’s best, most experienced and highest rated waterfowl outfitter in Canada, there is a reason we have such a high return rate of groups that come visit us – PRO simply has more to offer!


Here at Prairie Rose Outfitters, our mission is to provide you with the best possible waterfowl hunting experience possible. Our guides are simply the best, award-winning guides that are very knowledgeable in both areas. We set-up full field set-ups twice a day to ensure you never miss an opportunity. Our chef provides home cooked amazing meals to ensure you never go hungry – all that is left for you is to enjoy your experience.

We know choosing the right waterfowl hunting outfitter can be a major challenge, please take your time and do your research. You will find that we are top notch. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns or would like to contact our past guests for references.


We specialize in providing full service outfitted waterfowl hunts for Canadian Geese, Snow Geese, Ross Geese, Specklebellied Geese (white-fronted geese), Mallard ducks, Pintail ducks and other species of dabbling and diving ducks!



Located only 30 minutes east of Saskatoon, the land in this area is very hilly with many pot holes that hold large local duck populations. The hunting for Canada Geese, ducks is the most popular, with good snow goose hunting in the afternoon as you move east from camp. The camp offers two completely different hunting opportunitites.

Travel to this location is best through Saskatoon, Saskatchewan connecting from most major airlines. You will need to arrange a rental vechile for the duration of your stay. A 4WD truck or van is highly recommended.



Located near the Quill lakes, just north of Dafoe, Saskatchewan. This camp is approximately 100 miles east of Saskatoon along highway #16, or 100 miles north of Regina on Highway #6.

Travel to our locations is through Saskatoon or Regina connecting from most major airlines. You will need to arrange a rental vehicle for the duration of your stay. A 4WD truck or van is highly recommended.