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The elusive blacktail deer (black-tailed deer) is found in the Pacific Northwest in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, all the way down to northern California. There are 2 sub-species of Blacktail Deer. One is closely related to the Mule Deer, but the racks are not as large.  The markings are similar and their racks may fork like a Mule Deer. The Colombian Blacktail is found in the northern regions, reaching as far as Alaska.


As with Whitetail Deer, the Blacktail Deer are browsers and they also have a season of rut from November to January. Fawns, usually twins unless the mother is young, are born 7 months later. The antlers are dropped between January and March. The velvet starts peaking through soon after.


The hunting season for Blacktail Deer will vary depending on the area hunted. Our featured hunting outfitters will know the seasons, and also the best techniques for success in their area. The Blacktail Deer mark territory using rubs, scrapes and licks. Hunters learn to find the sign and hunt the trails. Scouting in the off season is a necessity. That is another benefit to hiring a pro hunting guide. They have spent years patterning the deer and will know where they are eating, bedding and traveling.


The deer are noctornal and very elusive. Hunters that get hooked on hunting Blacktail Deer are hooked for life because of the challenge. Still hunting along game trails and feeding areas is probably the most common and effective method. Of course, the same rules for silence, stealth, odor control and the right camouflage apply to Blacktail Deer hunting as
with Whitetail hunts. Hunters also use rattling and calling techniques at the right time, when Blacktail bucks will be responsive – the RUT.


The Whitetail Deer species have predators that make a significant dent in their population, primarily coyote. The Blacktail Deer have cougars, wolves and bear after them, and they takes a serious toll on the numbers. State/province wildlife management departments keep track of the numbers and adjust the predator hunting seasons as needed in order to keep a healthy balance.


The planning, preparation and skill required to bag a trophy Blacktail Deer make the experience the true trophy. Nothing makes a person appreciate all that nature has to offer like hunting.