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Wolves are dangerous predators that can destroy the elk, deer and cattle herds if left unchecked by hunters. They are serious pack hunters that breed like rabbits and prey on the fawns. They have been protected for years, but now several states have joined Canada in opening seasons forWolf Hunts.


wolf-huntsFor the states that permit wolf hunts,you need a tag, so if you are planning another type of western hunt, be sure and get a wolf tag, just in case the opportunity presents itself for wolf hunts. But truthfully wolf hunts are much more challenging than one may think. Wolves have a very keen eyesight, hearing and sense of smell. They travel in packs, so there are sentries looking out for danger to warn the pack. And even though they are very vocal, they are stealth when they want to be.


Your Wolf Hunting guide or outfitter will know where the wolf pack is – they are very territorial animals. And the guide will know the most successful techniques for wolf hunts. Some wolf hunting guides use calling techniques. Predator calling can be very effective, as can wolf howling, because of their teritorrial nature.


In Alberta, Canada, the wolf hunting outfitters and guides can hunt over bait – and because these animals are hunted as predators, there is no limit and the success rate is very high! The Canadian provinces have recognized the cause of the destruction of so many game animals and now are very agressive in allowing unlimited Winter Wolf Hunts. Most Wolf hunts are conducted from January through March when the wolf pelt will be at the peak.


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