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Hunting in North Carolina

Every hunter knows that hunting is not a hobby, it is not an obsession. It is a way of life. The dream of any hunter is to enjoy hunts that take them to new places while bagging record book game. When you come to North Carolina for your big game hunts; that is exactly what you will find. Your experienced guide will help you to get the hunting license and other documents you need and set you up with a hunting lodge that will make you forget you are roughing it.

Available North Carolina Hunts

Hunters in NC will find just about any kind of game they desire. From black bear to whitetail deer – NC has it all!. Hunters can take any Wild Boar – Hogs any time of the year, provided they have the necessary license.   And Bow Hunting wild hogs is really a thrill!  Turkey, duck / waterfowl and predators hunts like bobcat and coyotes are also popular hunts throughout the region. Each district has their own bag limits but unlike most other states where each hunter is allowed one deer per season, in NC hunters can possess 2-6 either sex deer depending on the district.


In 2014, a 16 year old shot a huge 784 pound bruin bear with his .45-70 lever action rifle while on his first bear hunt in Hyde County. The same year, another man in Person County bagged a record book worthy 5×5 buck that he stumbled upon while on a rabbit hunt. 


In NC, hunters can use longbow, recurve, crossbows and compound bows during the bow hunt season, muzzleloaders during blackpowder season and rifles during general season to bag elk, antelope, deer and bear. Hunters can also use rifles or handguns to hunt wild turkey.

Wildlife Terrain in North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the most beautiful states – especially for hunters who enjoy the great outdoors!  The state of North Carolina is divided up into three major climates and terrain. The Western portion of the state is mountainous timber nestled in the breathtaking Smoky Mountains. The middle is flatland referred to as the Piedmont Plateau and the Eastern portion is the Coastal plain where the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean lie. Each part of the state offers both a different terrain and a different climate. While the mountains will have the typical white winter, the plains become warmer with more seasonal temperatures and the coast generally does not see a temperature below freezing.

Hunting License in North Carolina

The required license for hunts in NC can be confusing. Your outfitter or hunting guide will help you get through all of the paperwork and decide which license and stamp is right for your hunt. As a non-resident, hunters can choose from 3 options for their basic hunting and fishing access, short-term (10 days), Annual or Lifetime. Once you decide which license is right for you, then you will go on additional privilege license which will determine the species in which you want to hunt. These include everything from big game, which includes deer, bear and wild turkey, federal duck stamp, bonus antlerless deer if you want to hunt does and waterfowl. Again, your outfitter will help you decide which license you need and how to get them before your hunt.


When you hunt NC, you never run out of things to do or game to hunt. This is the ideal location for anyone who wants to experience the hunt of a lifetime and bag that trophy you have always dreamed of.

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