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Duck and Goose Hunting or Waterfowl Hunting is a treasured tradition that continues due to the conservation efforts and investments made by individual hunters and large organizations like Ducks Unlimited. Their achievements are a hallmark for all conservation groups.


DU focuses on creating and maintaining wetland habitats, almost (3 million acres to their 1 million members), that are home to ducks, waterfowl, geese, fish, plants and other animals. In addition to this, they promote hunter safety and education, sponsor research in wildlife biology and raise funds for awareness and conservation projects. Their goal is “to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever.” WCO would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to our friends at DU for over 60 years of waterfowl and land conservation! Duck hunting is better than ever because of their work. Over 90 percent of their members are avid hunters, and 100 percent wish to preserve the great tradition of duck and goose hunting.


Duck hunting is popular in a variety of locations across North and South America, but some of the best locations are along the central flyways down the central part of the country. Duck and goose hunts are conducted over agricultural fields, in flood plains, ponds, reservoirs – basically, where ever you can find them! Each state or province has season dates, bag limits, license requirements and also you have to get a federal duck stamp. Your professional duck hunting guide or outfitter will know exactly what is needed to get you legal for your hunt.


Just like other types of hunts, duck hunting requires copious amounts of “stuff”, not to mention having access to prime locations. It can save a lot of money to use a professional outfitter because it’s their job to buy it, maintain it and store it. There are duck boats, blinds, decoys for water, decoys for fields, ATVs, retrievers, calls, etc… And we haven’t talked about the camo and shotgun! That will still be the hunter’s responsibility.
Some other things the hunter will need to do is to keep his (or her) duck calling skills in shape. If calling is not your thing, the hunting guide will surely have these skills down. A good hunter will always have their weapon in shape and ready to go.
It does take some money, time and preparation, even if you are using a duck hunting guide. But it’s so worth it to be able to enjoy time in nature, time with friends and then sharing the tradition with generations to come.


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Depending on the area and the time of the season, you can hunt Mallards, Teal, Gadwall, Wood Duck, Pintail and other species of duck. Popular goose species include Canada Goose, Greater Snow Goose, Lesser Snow Goose and Speckled Belly Goose.