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Excellent Moose hunting outfitters can be found in both the US and Canada. The most popular US destinations are Maine, Alaska, Wyoming, Vermont and New Hampshire. In Canada, the provinces of Ontario, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec as well as the Yukon provide tremendous opportunity for trophy Moose Hunts. Different areas that provide Moose Hunts have various requirements, license and tag systems. Your pro hunting guide can help you plan uncredible moose hunts, whether you are looking for a moose rifle hunt or bow hunt.  The Alaskan-Yukon Moose is the larger species of Moose, and the Canadian Moose is right behind.

Moose Hunting Basics

Moose Hunts – The Basics:
Moose are typically more active early and late in the day. Just like a deer, they can be very quiet and still while figuring out exactly what you are. They have excellent hearing, great eyesight, incredible sense of smell, and even with their big body size, they can move gracefully and quickly through rough terrain. If you happen to be spotted or winded by a moose, the best thing to do is freeze – any movement will send the trophy crashing through the woods. To enjoy successful moose hunts, the hunter must adapt to the keen senses of this beautiful animal.


Moose hunts conducted near waterways by boat is a great method in order to cover long distances. Moose enjoy spending time in and around the water. If you are moose hunting in a higher altitude, be sure to stay low to the ground and blend with the brush and trees. Avoid being a silhouette against the sky.


Big bull moose during the rut will be following the cows, but at a distance. If you spot a group of cows, be sure to wait 20 minutes or longer for the big bull to show up. If you spook the cows, the bulls will be long gone. A good dose of patience will serve you well for Moose Hunts!


Your professional Moose Hunting guide will be familiar with the hunting terrain and will be able to assist you in selecting the best camouflage, weapon, scope and transportation for Moose hunts. No matter if you are hunting Moose in Alaska, Canada, or Maine, be in your best physical condition, and be prepared to walk long distances tracking.