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About Buffalo Hunting

Buffalo Hunts, aka Bison hunts, have grown in popularity over the past decade because it is so exciting to hunt Buffalo! Today, there are many options across the country for Buffalo Hunts (Bison).


If you’ve not considered buffalo hunts, here are some things to think about: The Buffalo is a huge animal, usually cows about 950 pounds and bulls from 1100 to 1700 pounds. That is a lot of tender, tasty, extra-ordinarily healthy buffalo meat. Second, the Buffalo pelt makes for a beautiful rug, or a very impressive mount. Imagine having a trophy on the wall from a buffalo hunt! Lastly, the thrill of the hunt! Any time you are hunting such a large animal, there is an excitement unmatched in other sports. Buffalo Hunts can be quite an adventure!


Buffalo hunts can be done at a hunting preserve or large multi-thousand acre ranch. Because of this, buffalo hunting lodges and ranches typically provide very nice accommodations and delicious meals. Buffalo hunting outfitters, guides and ranches offer a variety of services but most include a professional guide to accompany you during buffalo hunts. They allow you your choice of weapon – rifle or bow (for the really brave bowhunter). They will typically make all the arrangements for caping, cleaning, packaging your meat and shipping back to you.


Because the Buffalo are grazers or grass fed, typically not given any hormones or BSE, their meat is a very healthy and tasty source of protein. Buffalo – Bison meat is also a heart heatly meat because it has been known to assist in the reduction of the “bad” LDL cholesterol because it has an excellent ratio of the Omega-3 & 6 acids. If you need to justify a buffalo hunt to your wife, tell her it is good for your heart!


True Story: One Saturday morning a few decades ago, Bill got a phone call and assumed it was a prank. The guy said, “How much to mount a lifesize buffalo and 2 shoulder mounts?” Seeing that we were in Mississippi, and there weren’t any hunting preserves near by offering buffalo hunts, he thought it was his little brother messing with him. The guy said, “Don’t hang up. I’m on my way back from Wyoming with a flat bed truck iced down and the buffalo are on the back. It was a great Buffalo hunt! I’m on my way to you. How much are you going to charge me to mount these buffalo?” Bill figured a price, the best he could, and we got the opportunity to do a huge lifesize buffalo, and the two should mounts, of course. The hide was so big on the lifesize buffalo that it had to be cut in to two pieces and we had to purchase 2 new empty freezers to put it in. We should have charged more, but the buffalo mounts looked beautiful and the client was very happy. I wish we would have gotten to sample some of the buffalo steaks, especially since we know how good the meat is!