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The incredible awe of a migrating Caribou herd will cause anyone’s heart to skip a beat. They are majestic creatures with impressive antlers and a beautiful coat. Caribou meat is known to be quite tender and tasty when prepared by a knowledgable cook. (Just ask Sara) But gaining access and acheiving success on a caribou hunt can be a challenging endevour.


There are only a few select Caribou Hunting Guides and Outfitters that are featured on the website, and these guys have a proven track record for success! They have access to prime caribou lands and also have the experience to know where the herds will be when the hunt is on. When you contact them, they will be happy to provide the information you need to plan the caribou hunt you’ve been dreaming of.


The hunter’s job will be to get in the best possible physical condition he (or she) can. During the hunt, traveling over vast miles of frozen tundra may be required. The habitat, cold tempratures and altitude can take a toll. Also, a long range shot may be necessary. Make sure your skills with your weapon are at a peak and also that the weapon is properly sighted in after travel.


Your hunting gear should be rated for very cold weather, and the camo pattern suitable for the environment. You will need to pack as light and as waterproof as possible. Consider investing in top quality optics for long distance viewing and scouting. And if you are into photography, there should be plenty of opportunity.


Many times fishing will be available during off-hunting times. Most hunters will want to bring a little fishing gear, too.


For most caribou hunts, fly in remote camps are the only option. That’s why you want to choose an outfitter that has a proven history of success and experience. The top rated guides and outfitters on this site may not be able to promise a trophy, but they can promise you will have an exciting and enjoyable hunt where 100% effort has been invested in your success.