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Saskatchewan is renowned for record-book-busting monster Whitetails.  Just look at the Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young to see for yourself.  Hunting Saskatchewan Whitetails is at the top of most deer hunter’s bucket list.   But Whitetail is not the only big game hunters pursue – Mule Deer, Antelope, Black Bear, Moose, Upland Game Birds and Waterfowl (Duck and Goose).  In addition to these native game species, there are also hunting preserves that have Elk, Bison (buffalo) and a variety of exotic game species.  Exotic deer include Axis, Fallow, Sika, and exotic rams are Mouflon, Coursican and Dall.  That just scratches the surface.  The same environment that grows the monster Whitetails is the same one that the other big game animals enjoy.  No matter the game you are looking to hunt, our professional Saskatchewan Outfitters and Ranches will be happy to help fulfill your hunting dreams!

Saskatchewan Elk Hunting

Saskatchewan Wildlife Habitat

Saskatchewan is a totally landlocked province.  It covers about 228,450 square miles and has some incredible rivers, including the Saskatchewan River and the Assiniboine River.  There are 3 general regions in the province:  The Grassland in the south, Aspen Parkland through the center and the Taiga to the north.  The northern region is mostly forest and rolling terrain where the area south of Prince Albert National Park is primarily grasslands and prairies.  Ranches and agricultural fields are prominent.


It’s not all about the Whitetails – Ducks, Geese, Cranes, Upland Birds (pheasant, grouse, and partridge) are a big draw for wingshooters!  The southern prairies and potholes that stretch across the state are stopovers for the birds migrating on the Central Flyway.  It’s a wonder to behold the incredible numbers and variety of duck and goose species.  Ross, Snow, Canadian geese as well as Mallard, Pintail to name a few.  The waterfowl hunting specialist are equipped with blinds, decoys, boats, dogs and everything else needed to make a fabulous hunting adventure!

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting - Duck and Goose Hunting in SK, CA


The weather in Saskatchewan covers all 4 seasons, with brutal cold in the winter, and of course, the further north, the colder it gets.  Dry spells are common, and even an occasional drought.  But that doesn’t keep the birds from coming!

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunts

Saskatchewan Hunting Regs

All hunters are required to obtain a HAL ID (Hunters and Anglers License) and purchase a license as well as obtain necessary tags.  Our professional outfitters can guide you through the necessary paperwork.  More information can be obtained from the Saskatchewan Environment website.


In addition to helping with the draw and license requirements, our pro SK hunting guides can assist you in transporting hunting weapons in and out of the province, as well as getting your trophy animals back to the US.

Saskatchewan Hunting Tibdits

  • Biggar, SK is the home of the World Record Typical Whitetail, topping 213”. The hunter was Milo Hanson, back in January 1994.  You can bet that brought the hunters up and they still keep coming in pursuit of a trophy Saskatchewan Whitetail!

World Record Typical Whitetail - 213 taken by Milo Hanson, 213"

  • Moose and Black Bear are usually hunted throughout the forest areas to the north. Getting around can be challenging.  Boats and ATVs become important when traveling through the northern regions of SK.  Meadow Lake, Pasquila Hills, Culberland Delta, Porcupine Hills and Wapawekka Hills are popular for moose and black bear hunters.

Moose hunting in Saskatchewan

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