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Antelope Hunting Strategies and Tips

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting is truly a challenging hunt for many reasons. Access to game-rich hunting land and quality equipment can be addressed by hiring a pro Antelope Hunting Guide or Outfitters. World Class Outdoors features a number of respected and successful Guides and Outfitters offering Antelope hunts, as well as other big game. Antelope are often combined with other big game such as Elk or Mule Deer to make the most of a trip out west.


The Pronghorn is naturally a demanding hunt because they travel great distances over open territory, and they can travel FAST. Expect to be on the move, and wear comfortable boots (and snake chaps in some areas). Antelope have incredible eyesight and usually have a sentry on the lookout for predators when the rest of the herd is grazing or resting. Camouflage and stealth tracking techniques are a must.


The wind can also be a factor, because Antelope, like most game animals, have remarkable sense of smell. An effective technique is hunting downwind with the sun behind you. Make sure you have high quality optics for glassing the prairies. The grassy color coat of Antelope can blend amazing well.


It is a good idea to hunt with an experienced guide, particularly if you are not familiar with the property, ranch or region. Guides are also skilled in field judging the size of the Antelope. It can be a little tricky to pick the big one out of a group, especially with the adrenaline pumping through your veins!


A variety of weapons are used for Antelope hunting, but by far, rifles are the most popular, just because of the difficulty in getting into bow or black powder range. A nice Antelope taken with a bow is truly a trophy! During the rut, decoys and calling from a blind can be effective in bringing that big one in close enough for a shot.


World Class Outdoors features several experience outfitters and guides that have a great passion for Antelope Hunting! Some very productive locations include: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Montana. Please contact these outfitters and allow them to customize a hunt to meet your preferences! They will gladly supply all the information on available dates, hunting licenses and tags, accommodations and combo hunts available.