The Best Elk Hunting on Planet Earth!

Over at Old West Guides and Outfitters we believe we work the absolute hardest to make sure you have the best time and the most successful hunt possible. Our elk camps are designed to accomodate multiple people at a time and that you personally have a highly trained guide and feel that we are giving you top notch treatment. We have very high success rates because of the amount of work that we put in to preparing for each and every hunt. Our dogs run dry grounds as well as every other condition possible to chase cats on and we have countless years of combined experience. 

Archery Suggestions

  • Chisel tip fixed blade sharp broad Heads
  • Practice at 50 yards
  • Big Hard Sharp Broad Heads
  • Practice at 50 yards
  • It is about 50 yards across the ponds
  • Elk hide is designed to resist puncture from Elk Horns
  • Practice stealth sneak up on something / anything 

Rifle Suggestions

  • The 30 Caliber Magnums
  • The 30 Caliber Ultra Magnums
  • Practice at 400 Yards
  • It is 350 to 600 yards across the big open bottoms.
  • Practice stealth sneak up on something / anything 


  • Stepped plateaus with deep canyons,
  • Rolling pinyon and juniper grassland between 6000 and 8000 feet in elevation.
  • Big Open Country with a lot of game, the low lands supporting the vast Gila Wilderness.
  • The country is large enough to support many different hunting strategies.
  • The limited access of Ranch land allows you to hunt game in their natural unmolested habitat. 


  • Waterproof Boots if there is mud and rain
  • Insulated Boots if it is cold
  • Light Hiking shoes if it is dry and warm
  • Well Worn it is better to bring your everyday shoes than new shoes or boots.
  • Water proof clothing if it rains and it can and flood and clear up in an afternoon.
  • Cold in the morning and really hot in the afternoon.
  • Dress accordingly but don’t bring too much we have a laundry.