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Quail Hunts: Tips for Successful Quail Hunts

Quail Hunts are a true hunting tradition that has been enjoyed for many generations. It is popular to the hunters who enjoy sleeping in for a change. Quail hunts do not require you to be in a tree stand before dawn. Also, spectators and hunters enjoy the sport at the same time. It is quite a pleasure to watch well trained bird dogs picking up the scent and pointing those bobwhite quail in the brush. Quail Hunts are great for teaching young hunters the important safety rules for hunting, too.


Attire for Quail Hunts: Short leather Goretex boots are very practical for quail hunts. BUT if you are hunting where you might need them, a good pair of snake chaps is a safety precaution you might appreciate. You’ll need a good pair of briar-faced brush pants that prevent briars and thorns from penetrating the pants, a blaze-orange hunting vest with game pouch and shell compartments. For most types of hunts, you have to be in full camo to have success. For quail hunts, you want to be highly visible. (Just ask our former VP’s hunting partner). Because you are hunting close to others, and the unpredictability of the flight of the quail, you want to be able to see each other at all times. Consider an orange vest and collar for your trained dogs as well!


Guns Used for Quail Hunts: Quail can be hunted with Shotgun from 410 to 12 gauge. The shorter barrels and more open chokes are better for this type of hunt.


Well Trained Dogs for Successful Quail Hunts: A well trained pointer is critical to you enjoying quail hunts. Your pro Quail hunting guide will have skilled and trained dogs for you to use, but most will allow you to bring your own well-behaved dogs. Many have very nice kennels to house your dog during your stay at their hunting lodge. If you are training your own dogs, there are many books and videos available to help, but nothing is better than practiced discipline and introduction to the ‘dead quail’ at an early age.


Take Your Time in the Shot During Quail Hunts: When a big covey of quail shoot from cover with a flurry of colors, even an experienced wing-shooter can loose their composure and go off “half cocked”! If you rush the shot, your bobwhite will probably fly away unscathed, but if you manage to hit the bird at close range, all you’ll have is a pile of pretty feathers. Safety is a concern as well. Those quail burst forth quickly and may fly right at your hunting partner or dog, so take a quick breath before you take the shot. Remember it’s “Ready, Aim, Fire,” not “Ready, Fire, Aim!”


Yum Yum: After a productive day in the field, it’s time to enjoy dining on the delicious quail. Look around online or ask some experienced wild quail chefs for some tried and true recipes. I’ve recently had some Quail Gumbo that was out of this world!