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Hunting is one of the most cherished and passionately held pastimes in North America. And for several reasons, Whitetail Deer is the most popular big game animal to hunt. First, it’s about the thrill; the rush; the adrenaline; the amazing feeling of seeing that long awaited deer get within range and taking the breath just before the shot. There is nothing like it. Second, whitetail deer thrive in a vast variety of habitats, so most states and provinces invest in managing their herds for health and buck/doe ratio. Some areas are renown for growing big bodied bucks with massive racks and others areas have tremendous numbers. Every now and then, you get quantity and size. That’s like winning the “hunter’s lottery!”.


While most states do allow hunting on public lands, most private land owners also invest in additional measures to attract and hold the deer herds, and to improve the trophy size through managed hunting and improved nutrition. Land owners see success in these proven methods, but they take years to measure and require a big investment of time and money. In other words, “It takes big bucks to grow big bucks.”


This is why so many hunters, both beginner and experienced, turn to a professional deer hunting outfitter or hunting guide to make the most of both time and money. A deer hunting lodge or outfitter will have access to property that has been a part of a “Quality Deer Management” program or QDM. Some areas have stricter requirements than others, and still others make allowances for youth hunters and bow hunters. Whatever the case, it is well accepted that properties that participate in QDM systems grow bigger bucks and have more of them to hunt. Hunting with one of these deer hunting guides or outfitters is going to improve the quality of your hunt, and save a lot of time and money.


Another great advantage to deer hunting with a guide or outfitter is they typically provide transportation during the hunt, which saves a lot of space in your garage. They also have tree stands, shooting houses, ground blinds and other miscellaneous items such as walkie-talkies, boats and safety equipment that are only used a few times each season.


Also, the deer hunting lodge provides accommodations and sometimes meals during the hunt. This can really be a good time to relax and enjoy other hunter’s company. Some lodges provide bunk-house style sleeping arrangements while others are perfect for a romantic hunting get-a-way for couples. Most times, hunters just needs to get their tag or license and bring personal items and their weapon and leave the rest to the outfitter. Oftentimes, hunters will repeated return to hunt with their favorite outfitter or guide, knowing they will have a good hunt and renew old friendships.


Each state and province has unique laws, seasons, license requirements and rut peaks. We encourage site visitors to contact the deer hunting guides and outfitters featured on the website, ask for information, check hunt availability, request referrals, get trail cam photos, and details about accommodations. These professionals are happy to provide the information and customize a hunt that will meet your needs and gain you as a client and friend.


Areas that are famous for large herd numbers and long hunting seasons include Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina. Across the agricultural states like Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri, you see large bodied bucks with nice racks. Those deer get huge from eating all that corn and grain! In the northern regions like Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan, you see big bodies and impressive racks as well, from the more rugged terrain and wilderness habitat. No matter where the hunting is conducted, there are some great opportunities to try different weapons, terrain and hunting techniques. Your deer hunting outfitter can guide you as to the most effective hunting methods and camo for the region.