Missouri Hunting Ranch

Missouri Deer, Hog, Elk, Buffalo, Ram Hunting Ranch

About High Adventure Ranch

At High Adventure Ranch, we specialize in providing the hunter with an All Inclusive Hunting Experience! Hunts include this, and much more:

  • (2) Night’s Lodging in Private Cabin
  • (3) Delicious Meals Per Day
  • Hunting License
  • Guide Fee
  • Field Care, Trophy Prep
  • Full Meat Processing
  • Year-Round Hunting Opportunities
  • Your Choice of Weapon

5 Square Miles to Hunt

High Adventure Ranch encompasses over 5 square miles of prime wildlife habitat, and the terrain is challenging to even the most experienced hunter. We offer a huge variety of Big Game to hunt, but the big favorites are:

  • Trophy Whitetail Deer
  • Rocky Mountain Elk
  • Wild Boar
  • Red Stag
  • Axis Deer
  • Sika Deer
  • Fallow Deer
  • Buffalo
  • Exotic Ram
  • Spanish Goat
  • Blackbuck Antelope
  • African Game

Hunting Lodge


Our normal hunting packages include (2) nights lodging in our lodge or one of our private cabins, home cooked meals, guaranteed hunting license. Costs for Non-hunters is $100 per night, including meals, which are served in the Dining Hall. Or, you can do your own cooking while at the ranch and we only charge $60.00 per night. While the majority of our guest’s time is spent hunting, we do maintain a well stocked lake and our hunting guests are invited to try their hand with the quantities of largemouth bass (catch & release) at no additional cost.

Not Just Whitetail Deer!

Expect a fair chase hunt when hunting at High Adventure Ranch! The deer are born and raised on the property and are free to roam all of the 13 miles of the perimeter.

  • Whitetail Deer
  • Axis Deer
  • Sika Deer
  • Mule Deer
  • Fallow Deer
  • Red Stag

Some bucks, while impressive in stature, will never fit into our trophy breeding program. These deer are available to hunt at very reasonable costs.

Excellent Bull Elk Hunts


Have you been frustrated by coming home empty handed after spending a huge amount of money on a western hunt? In reality, only about 4% of hunters return with a trophy bull elk. High Adventure Ranch prides itself on maintaining quality breeding programs, putting that trophy bull within reach. Hunt 400+ Bulls with us and you’ll be putting that mount above your fire place! We’re the oldest and largest ranch east of Texas!

Exotic Game Preserve

In addition to Elk, Deer and Wild Hog, High Adventure Ranch is home to a huge variety of Exotic Game, many of which can be hunted year round!

Exotic game is fun and exciting to hunt and it is a great way to introduce a young hunter to the sport.

Missouri Hunting Location

High Adventure Ranch
308 Mikel Avenue
Marland, MO 63043