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Red Stag Hunting was at one time, reserved for nobility. Today, it is a popular and exciting hunt that can be enjoyed in many places besides the United Kingdom or Scotland. The Red Deer or Red Stag has been able to thrive in a variety of habitats across North America as well as Argentina and New Zealand. The Red Stag’s cousin is an Elk, but Elk are larger in body size and their antlers are more uniform in shape and points. A trophy elk would be a 6X6 or 12 point, but Red Stag can have as many as 29+ points. Their coats are a rusty red in color, and they make for a beautiful tanned pelt if you choose to hunt Red Stag for their healthy and delicious meat. The bulls experience a mating season like the elk’s rut, however it is called a “roar”. It sounds rather prehistoric, like an elk bugle, to hear the roar echo through the forest.


Red Stag can thrive in diverse environments, so they are commonly found at top Hunting Preserves and Game Ranches. As your outfitter or lodge about package deal hunts – they can be a good bargain or ad-on if you are trophy hunting for other game.


The majestic Red Stag is offered on many game managed hunting ranches and preserves in the US and Canada including Texas,Missouri, and Illinois.These beautiful Red Stag make an impressive addition in any hunter’s game room. Because in the US, Red Stag Huntsare typically conducted at hunting preserves, there is no need for a hunting license. And seasons are flexible. Your hunting preserve will be able to tell you the best times to for Red stag Hunts and about the “Roar Season” which is similar to the rut for a whitetail. Deer grunt, Elk buggle, and a Red Stag roars!


World Class Outdoors features several game preserves and hunting ranches offering Red Stag Hunts. When you request info on a hunt, you are automatically entered for our monthly prize drawing. New outfitters and guides join the website all the time, so be sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook to see new trophy pics from Red Stag Hunts and other big game hunts as well.