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Maine is the eastern most state in the country, and the northern most state in New England. It has the fewest people per square mile than any other state. It’s flanked on both sides by Canada, and it fields, forests, and temperatures are quite literally breathtaking. The animals in Maine are much larger than they are in the lower states and this adds to the attraction.

Hunting in Maine

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Every year, hunters from across the nation travel to Maine to enjoy its abundance of Whitetail, Black bear, Pheasant, and Moose. Whitetail and Pheasant hunting is almost always done via still hunting methods. Pheasants are ambushed from alongside bodies of water or in the middle of fields while Whitetails are ambushed alongside fields, or in wooded areas.


Moose and Black bear are hunted using spot and stalk methods. They are located from a vantage point and then stalked. These types of hunts can be lengthy and straining. Physical fitness is a must if you intend to take down an animal of this size and mobility.


Moose, Whitetails, and Black bears can all be taken down with a compound bow, rifle, or muzzleloader. It’s recommended that you use the services provided by a guide or outfitter when hunting Black bear. Also, most who hunt Black bear always carry a sidearm of substantial caliber. Pheasant hunting requires a shotgun with the proper bird-shot shell.

Black bear, Moose, and Whitetail Deer all travel through wooded areas and in open fields. Maine is 90% forest, so they are usually found the dense forest. Pheasants are usually located in large fields and retrievers are used to run the birds and retrieve them once they’ve been shot.


Black bears eat berries, nuts, seeds, fish, and other small mammals. They also enjoy human food and trash left behind by campers and hikers. Whitetails and Moose eat nuts, acorns, berries, and vegetation.

Maine Terrain and Wildlife Habitat

Hunting seasons run from mid-September through the end of the year. Hunters who are 16 and older must have a valid hunting license and obtain valid tags and draws, if draws are required.  Currently, Moose hunts are for Maine residents only.  Our featured guides and outfitters can assist you with more specific information.  Maine hunting licenses can be purchased online at the Maine Fisheries & Wildlife website.


Maine Wildlife Management Areas

In 2010, a Maine hunter in Livermore took down a monster 177+ inch typical Whitetail. This is the top typical buck taken from the state. In the past 30 years, the number of trophy Whitetails taken from the state has gone up by 400%.


Maine also offers pristine lakes and rivers for swimming, boating, and fishing. Maine’s economy depends greatly on the waterways. They provide transportation and electricity. Commercial fishing is the biggest industry in the state, and Maine catches more lobster than any other state.


For more detailed information, contact a featured guide or outfitter who will assist with questions, as well as planning hunting trips in the beautiful state of Maine. You can also visit and navigate to the hunting and fishing pages.

Maine Hunting Regs & Licenses

Maine Hunting Tidbits

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