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Tips for Great Mule Deer Hunts

Mule Deer hunting are an exciting adventure and are usually conducted in breathtaking surroundings. Big bodied trophy Mule Deer can be hunted from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta all the way to the Sonora Desert in Mexico.


Because these areas are truly game-rich, many mule deer hunts are held in combination with other big game, like bear, elk and mountain lion. The pro hunting outfitters and guides featured on our site can help you with the details about planning a mule deer hunt. Just a few things you will need to know include:


  • what types of hunts are available for combination
  • Licensing and tag requirements
  • Season Dates (ask about the rut)
  • Hunting gear needed for the weather and terrain
  • Hunter/guide ratio (will people you don’t know be joining you?)
  • Type of accommodations including lodging and meals
  • Do you need to bring fishing gear? Hate to miss an opportunity to catch a fish, right?


Mule Deer hunting is quite different than Whitetail. Most whitetail deer hunts are still hunting from a shooting or blind over a well-worn game trail and food plot. Hunters may have watched the buck for months via trail cam pictures. They may even know which doe was his mama!


But it’s not like that for Mule Deer. Although they are occasionally hunted from a blind (especially for bowhunters), they are typically hunted with a “spot-and-stalk” method. A hunter needs excellent optics to spot the mule deer and a rifle sighted in for a long range shot. Be sure to check your sights upon arrival with the outiftter. Travel can cause problems for accuracy. Camo clothing that can blend away in the habit is important because the mule deer has excellent vision. And just like for whitetail, try to plan your hunt downwind – they ave a keen sense of smell too.


For any hunting trip with a pro, you’ll want to be in peak physical shape. Hiking for miles or army crawling through thickets may be part of the adventure. Hiking outside in your hunting boots kills 2 birds: breaks in your boots and gets you in shape. No smoking, avoid alcohol, and get as trim as possible. The air can get pretty thin above 6,000 feet.


Scent and odor control – The ability to wind you is not unique to whitetail! Mule Deer will know if you’ve been putting “Bounce” in your dryer! Follow all the standard odor control procedures for bathing, shampooing, laundry, avoiding smelly foods.


Lastly, plan for to bring home a big trophy. Contact the taxidermist you plan to use to find out the best way to cape out your buck and transport him home. Even if this rack is not worthy of the trophy room, you may need to keep the cape for another mount.


Just keep in mind that a spot and stalk hunt can be very physically challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. The mule deer hunting outfitters and guides featured on our website are eager to make your next hunting adventure a memory you will treasure for a lifetime.