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Monster Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Gould’s Turkey

About Desert Trophy Outfitters

Desert Trophy Outfitters - Sonora Mexico HuntingDesert Trophy Outfitters was founded in 1994 by Roberto Ciscomani Campuzano. Roberto started guiding Mexican hunters at the age of 15, taking his first clients at the age of 18. Although Desert Mule Deer are his specialty, he has gained a reputation for providing an excellent hunting experience for all available game. Desert Trophy Outfitters has the control of exclusive hunting rites over 200,000 private acres of prime Mule Deer and Coues Deer country in different areas of Sonora State. This hunting areas are managed through a strict system of conservation.


Majestic Mule Deer, Coues Deer and Gould’s Turkey with Desert Trophy Outfitters!

Hunts by Desert Trophy Outfitters


Sonora Mexico Desert Mule Deer Hunt:  The great desert of Sonora is famous for record antlered mule deer in America. All hunts are with one guide and one driver, tracking on foot and using 4 X 4 vehicles “with very high racks”.


Our average success for the past 15 years has been 27 + inches spread, scoring 170-185 B&C with a success rate of 85 % on kill. The rest of the hunters either missed or passed looking for a monster buck.

Sonora Mexico Coues Deer Hunts:  The hunt is 1X1, five full days of effective hunt (custom hunts are available upon request).


There are some great Coues Deer on these ranches in the class 110 B&C and up. If you see a Coues Deer while you are hunting Mule Deer, you can shoot it, paying only the trophy fee. Don’t pass up the opportunity, they are little animals to seen and shot. They are one of the best trophies in North America.

Desert Trophy Hunting Service

All the guides have a good quality binoculars and a powerful hand held two-ways radios to keep communications with the hunting vehicles and camp, and they will also carry the complements for the day, water, lunch, binoculars etc.


All our accommodations are in ranch houses with a warm rooms, full size beds, hot showers, flushing toilettes and 120-220 V. generators. All our meals are excellent with a full time cook and camp helpers.


Desert Trophy Coues Deer HuntingWhy Hunt With Desert Trophy Outfitters?


  • We Guarantee Your Tags!
  • Hunt the Rut in December & January
  • Low Game Pressure
  • 200,000 Private Ranch Acres
  • Exclusive Access
  • Mexico Charm & Hospitality
  • Extensive Conservation & Game
  • Management Combined with Prime Habitat Provide Impressive Racks!

Sonora Mexico – Desert Trophy Mule Deer Hunts

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