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Originally, Russian Boar hunting was reserved for the noble class, but Wild hog hunting has grown in popularity over recent years for several reasons. The wild hog is a blend of Russian Boar and feral pigs and they are really friendly. The typical sow has several litters each year and the herds can grow at alarming rates. This may be good for hunters, but to land owners and farmers, it has pretty serious problem. To combat the crisis, hog hunts are now offered not only by hunting lodges and ranches, but also by outfitters and guides assisting in hog population control.


Over the past decade, most states have relaxed the laws on hog hunting and are now encouraging aggressive hunting techniques including hunting over bait and at night. In most states, hog hunts are permitted year round.


Weapons used for hog hunts are any and everything! From a rifle to a big knife and everything in between. Some of our hog control outfitters have very high tech equipment for night hunts, including night vision optics and thermal optics. Hunting with catch dogs is also popular and exciting, but not for the faint of heart or squeamish. Hunters grab the back legs of the big boar and use a knife. The big hogs let out a prehistoric roar that will raise the hair on the back of your neck! And this happens when you are trying to get a grip on the back legs!


The hog – wild boar hunting guides and outfitters featured on World Class Outdoors are eager to arrange a custom hunt for you and your friends. You can see trail cam pictures, trophy shots, videos, and get testimonials from other hunters. Accommodations, fees, license requirements and types of hunts vary, so request information and they will get you the details you need to plan an exciting adventure. As you can see, hog hunts are available from coast to coast!

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Hog Hunting Guides – Thermal Scope Technology – HogSwat

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