North Carolina Hunting Lodge

Wild Hogs, Deer Hunting and Catfishing

T & M Hunting Properties – Hog Hunts!

T and M Hunting Properties - NC Hog HuntsT & M Hunting Properties has 2500 private acres of exclusive hunting properties located in Johnston County NC. Our hunting areas are near Smithfield, Goldsboro, Raleigh, Durham, NC in Johnston County. Hunters use RDU (Raleigh/Durham International Airport.


The property is loaded with wild hogs, long-beards and whitetail deer. We hunt all species but specialize in Hog Hunting! Most of the wild hogs are a mix of feral hogs, European and Russian Boar. The wild hog enjoys a good swim and wallow in the swampy areas of the property. The soft muddy ground along the Neuse River Lowlands makes it easy for the wild boar to root for acorns, nuts, crayfish, roots and berries.


We have over 30 stands strategically place in deep hardwood swampy bottoms, crop fields and planted pines. Still hunting over bait is a proven method for taking a trophy animal.


Hunt with the weapon of your choice year round. Hunting for meat? Don’t go for a trophy hog, choose one less than 200 pounds – their tastier!

NC Deer Hunts with T & M Hunting Properties

NC Deer Hunts with T & M Hunting PropertiesT & M Hunting Properties is all about hunting – and North Carolina Deer Hunts can be combined with a hog hunt.  Come to hunt trophies or meat.

T & M Hunting Lodge – North Carolina

T & M Hunting PropertiesWe have a beautiful 900sf hunting cabin with all the amenities. It can comfortably accommodate up to 6 hunters and has a bath, kitchen, A/C, TV with DVD & VCR and a screened in front porch. Get ready for your hog hunt at the rifle and archery range. We also have a covered skinning shed with lighting, winch and gamble, and running water.

Bonus!  Catfishing

T & M Hunting Properties - CatfishingOur property has access to some excellent catfishing! IF the timing is right, enjoy free fishing for Bluecats and Flatheads during the down time of your hunt.

Hunting Area

T & M Hunting Properties – Matt Sherwood
5318 Green Road
Stanley, NC 28164