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Mountain Goat Hunting Tips

These tips for Mountain Goat Hunts are just basic ideas that may help a beginner. We could have made this list much longer, but the Mountain Goat Guide or Outfitter you contact can help you more with more in-depth tips.


    • Always dress for the area – Mountain Goat Hunts are generally conducted in bitterly cold areas. This can be critical for you to have a great time during your Mountain Goat Hunt.


    • Get FIT and be prepared for high altitude hunts. There is a lot less oxygen in the air above 9,000 feet! Avoid smoking, alcohol and get as trim as you can prior the the hunt. When you work out, wear your hunting boots to break them in and to get your feet accustom to the weight.


    • You will most likely need good boots since there will be a good deal of hiking involved. Ski socks are great for to keep your feet warm. It makes since to break your boots in while you are getting fit for your Mountain Goat Hunt


    • Make sure the sights of your rifle have been ranged correctly. You will most likely have to make longer shots with this big game. And correct sights on your rifle is a must.


    • Always take a compass. It is easy to lose your direction if you don’t have a Mountain Goat guide or outfitter with you.


    • Never hunt alone. Always use the buddy system incase there is a problem with someone getting hurt. You don’t want to find yourself with a bad wound with no one to help you when mountain goat hunting.


    • After finding the Mountain Goats, be sure to pick the best one out of the bunch to shoot. It’s best that you miss on a farther away shot then getting a small goat because it was an easier shot.


    • Be prepared to have to make more then one shot to kill your pray. Some of these goats can walk away after being shot. It is sometimes necessary to shoot a second time to kill this big game. Mountain Goats are very hearty and rugged animals!


    • Always keep in mind the location of your mountain goat when your about to shoot it. You want the Mountain Goat to be in a place that you can easily retrieve it and not have to climb up some very steep rocky incline.


These few tips for safe and successful Mountain Goat Hunts are just to help, if only a little. Trophy Mountain Goat Hunts are truly considered to be a hunt of a lifetime and we just want you to have a great time.