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Tips for Great Mountain Lion Hunts


Mountain Lion Hunts require patience, persistence and diligent pursuit of your Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion, AKA Cougar, are very crafty and stealth animals. So it pays to be prepared for the challenges that might arise during your Mountain Lion Hunt.


Mountain Lion hunts are very popular in the western states, starting in Texas, through New Mexico, Colorado, up toward Montana and further west. The typical method used in Mountain Lion Hunts is using trained dogs – and the Mountain Lion Outfitters and Guides take great pride in the training and skills of their hunting dogs! So if you are new to hunting with dogs, it can be a very exciting hunt – especially for a big game such as Mountain Lion!


Snow is very beneficial during Mountain Lion Hunts for tracking, too. So be prepared for cold weather and a lot of walking. Warm clothes, proper camo, good boots and the right kind of socks can make mountain hiking much more pleasant. And after all the planning that goes into Mountain Lion Hunts you want it to be as fabulous as it possibly can be.


If you are not used to high altitudes, be sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. You don’t want an altitude headache to ruin your Mountain Lion hunt!


Mountain Lion Hunts are great opportunities for Bow Hunting, but gun hunting is more common for obvious reasons. The Mountain Lion can be a very dangerous game to hunt. So even if you are planning on a bow hunt, make sure you have a back-up weapon. Your pro Mountain Lion Guide or Outfitter will have th is covered!


As in all cat families, the male Mountain Lion is going to be much larger and have a higher scoring skull. Your Mountain Lion Outfitter will be able to judge whether you have a trophy tom Mountain Lion. Sometimes it is best to pass on a Mountain Lion and hold out for the big toms onMountain Lion Hunts.


On occasion, Mountain Lion Hunts can be combined with other western game, so be sure to discuss the opportunities with your Outfitter. For must hunters, going out west to hunt is an incredible experience, and everyone wants to make the most of every opportunity.


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