NM Guided Hunts

Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer, Bear, Sheep, Cougar and Turkey

About New Mexico Hunting Adventures

New Mexico Hunting Adventures - Big Game HuntsCome to New Mexico and hunt incredible big game trophies with Vincent Vigil. For years, Vincent has lead hunters on exciting remote hunts for Trophy Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Barbary Sheep, Bear, Turkey, and Cougar. New Mexico Hunting Adventures has a track record to be proud of for tracking down the big game!


Come to NM and hunt Trophy Elk, Barbary Sheep, Antelope Mule Deer and more with NM Hunting Adventures!


We have plenty of references of our hunters – they’ll be glad to tell you about their hunting experience!

Elk Hunts

NM Hunting Adventures - Elk HuntsOur GMUs are top units with RESIDENT Elk herds, so we don’t have to worry about elk migration. In some areas, the bulls run from 250 to 300″ but in the high demand units, you can expect to see bulls running from 340 up to 400″!


Be sure to apply for the state draw in early April, but if you are not drawn, landowner tags are available at an additional fee.

Barbary Sheep Hunts

NM Barbary Sheep HuntsWe hunt the Barbary Sheep on over 120,000 private acres – all free ranging animals! Our success rates are high because we have practiced quality game management for years. You can expect to see rams ranging between 27″ – 32″. We hunt via spot and stalk and still hunting at watering holes and game trails. Apply for the draw to acquire a license.

NM Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

New Mexico Antelope HuntsWe have maintained an incredible 100% shot opportunity on trophy Antelope in New Mexico! Big bucks average from 14 up to 17 inches. All hunting is done on private ranches and we have been managing for quality game for many years. We typically hunt by way of spot and stalk, so it is a good idea to be in good physical condition for this hunt. Odds are good for bowhunters who apply for the state draw.

Mule Deer Hunts in New Mexico

Mule Deer Hunting with NM Hunting AdventuresOur NM Mule Deer Hunts are available on both private ranch land and public land. Rifle, black powder and archery hunts are all available, but the rifle hunts book up very quickly. Archery hunting will allow you a great opportunity to hunt the mule deer in rut.

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