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Bow Hunting in Florida

Florida is an exciting state to hunt in, and bow hunting allows people to get back to the basics of the sport. Hunts are available all year round, and sportsmen can get a chance to go after exotic prey that is found in very few parts of the country. In addition, Florida’s beautiful weather allows people to hunt all year round. While lodges around Florida will often allow people to hunt with any type of weapon they would like, there are a number of high-quality lodges that specialize in archery hunting.

Florida Bow Hunting Laws

There are laws regarding archery hunting in place in Florida to manage game populations, ensure equal opportunities for hunters and protect people and property. It is very important that bow hunters know the regulations enacted in the jurisdiction that they are in to stay safe and legal. These laws can vary by county and area, so it is best to ask a local guide while planning your bow hunting trip. There are also educational booklets available that outline regulations, and these can often be found online.

Florida is also home to a number of Wildlife Management Areas, and individuals who would like to hunt in these areas are required to obtain a quota permit. These permits are awarded based on a lottery system, and anyone interested in entering may sign up online. 

Bag Limits and Hunting Seasons

As with most states, Florida has implemented limits on how much game an individual may hunt and what times of the year they are allowed to do so. The state is divided into a number of zones, and people are allowed to hunt individual species during specific times of the year with certain types of weapons. While this might seem like a limitation, it actually opens up opportunities for people to try to bag different types of game. In addition, it lets individuals hunt year round. Lodges in Florida will have all of the information that a hunter needs to plan a trip based on their preferences. However, it is important for people to make sure that they do not go over their bag limit for a certain species. Doing so can result in significant fines if caught.

Hunter Education and Licensing Requirements

In order to bow hunt in Florida, individuals must obtain an archery permit and a hunting license. Those who are new to the sport can sign up for a training course that provides them with certification that is required to hunt in a number of other states. This is done by completing an online course and paying a $20 fee. In addition, they attend a field day where they learn many of the skills that are essential for archery hunting safety. This is a great way for younger people to prepare themselves for a bow hunting trip. 

Florida Bow Hunting Lodges

Great lodges that specialize in bow hunting are located all over the state of Florida. In particular, hunters may want to check out some of the great lodges on the state’s west coast near the Gulf of Mexico. The hunting in this area is great, and the scenery couldn’t get any better.

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