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When autumn draws near, hunters all around the country begin preparing for one of the most popular of all hunting seasons—deer season. Deer hunting has long been a national pastime, and the state of Florida is no exception to the norm. Hunting in Florida provides a unique, wide range of species for the hunter. Quite frequently, hogs can be hunted at the same time as deer, as well as other species. Additionally, you can often take an offshore fishing trip, and catch that elusive Florida bass that you have been trying to nab for so long. The primary concern when it comes to Florida deer hunting is the location. Not all places in this state are equal; some are more highly populated than others. Finding the locations where whitetail deer are managed offers you the greatest chance of success for your guided hunting trip in Florida.

The problem of finding the best producing areas with the most deer is easily solved when you employ the aid of Florida hunting outfitters or Florida hunting guides. These experts typically know the best areas to find trophy deer. Many of them offer on-site lodging to provide a cozy environment in which to relax after a long hunt. In addition, many outfitters provide free or inexpensive transportation to and from airports and local attractions. 

Florida Hunting License and Season Dates

As you consider your guided hunting trip in Florida, it is best to keep up with current Florida rules and regulations for this state. You can conduct this research yourself by contacting the Florida State Game and Fish Department, or for greater ease, allow Florida hunting outfitters or Florida hunting guides to help you obtain the information you need. A commitment to follow all applicable laws during your hunt is crucial to having a safe and successful experience.  Go to to research all the details. 

Many hunters who travel to Florida bring friends or family along with them who are interested in attractions other than hunting. When this is the case, perhaps the family will choose to visit Disney Land while Dad hits the hunting grounds.

Because Florida is a very popular travel destination, the price rates for airline tickets, hotels and other lodgings are very reasonable when compared with other hunting locations across the country.

Florida Deer Hunting Considerations

One important point to remember concerning deer hunting in Florida is that the rut occurs much later in the year than at other locations. Check with your Florida hunting guide or outfitter to ensure that you get the timing right—the rut can vary greatly from the northern end of the state to the southern end.

Other important decisions to keep in mind is how you plan to hunt:  

–  Do you prefer to still hunt or spot and stalk?  

–  Tree stand or shooting house or ground blind?

–  What weapon will you hunt with?

–  Are you looking for a big trophy or to score some venison for the freezer?

Florida deer hunting season comes at a time when it is getting cold in the upper part of the country.  Hunters are typically happy to hunt in a warmer climate.  Consider Florida for your next deer hunting experience.  You will be glad you did! 

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