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Florida Hog Hunting: Year Round Sport

Every year, more and more outdoor enthusiasts are taking up wild boar hunting in the state of Florida. From the southern Everglades to the northern panhandle, hogs are currently found in all 67 counties within the state.

One of the main reasons that hunters are seeking an exciting hog hunt is that the season lasts all year long. When deer, waterfowl and other seasons end, hunters can still take to the field on a wild boar hunt when they would normally be sitting at home on a weekend. With their increasing abundance in the state, hunters usually don’t have to travel far from home to find good hunting.

With the wild boar population on the rise, numerous great outfitters are offering guided hunts throughout the state as well. Hiring a guide provides the novice hog hunters guides to get their start in the sport of wild boar hunting. Guides are an advantageous way to familiarize oneself with the sport as the guides know the land they hunt and animals they pursue well. These outfitters offer great rates for hunts and most also offer meat processing and packaging right on the spot, making the post-hunt great for a novice hunter. 

Hog Hunting:  Action-Packed Adventure!

On private property, no hunting license is required to hunt hogs. They also can be hunted with a wide variety of weapons from rifles, shotguns, archery and handguns. Also appealing to young hunters is the fact there are no bag limits or size limits. Either sex animal may also be harvested. Night hunting is also allowed on private property as well. Guided hunts are also catering to families, whether it’s a father-son hunt or an entire family outing.

As the hog population has increased, guided hunts are offering the pursuit of hogs in many of the state of Florida’s natural habitats. A hog hunt in Florida can take you from oak forests to pine woodlot to marshy areas, where the wild pigs thrive in all environments. If it’s action in any kind of environment that you seek, Florida hog hunting will not disappoint! Each of the outfitters throughout the state all know their land well and where the hogs will be.

Hog Hunts for Meat:  Mmmmm… TASTY!

Another great thing about a wild boar hunt in Florida satisfies our most primal need: Food! If cared for properly upon harvest, wild pig is fantastic to eat and can be prepared in many ways. As mentioned above, your guide will be very skilled and knowledgeable in handling the animal post kill and most will even handle this for you at camp.


Whether it’s family fun, thrill of the hunt or filling your freezer that you seek, Florida hog hunting will not disappoint. Check out the options through the many guided hunts that are offered throughout the state and your wild boar hunt could become a new obsession!

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