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Hunting: That's what World Class Outdoors is about! These top Hunting Outfitters , Guides and Lodges provide big game hunting trips for Whitetail and Mule Deer, Elk, Bear, Hog, Moose, Mountain Lion, Caribou. There are year-round hunting trips offered by hunting ranches and game preserves for a huge variety of game.

There are also many wingshooting hunts available Including Turkey, Pheasant, Quail and Duck and Goose hunts!

You name it - these Hunting Guides and Outfitters can arrange it! From Florida to Alaska and from California to Maine. Top western areas include New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana! Your dream hunt awaits!

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Prime Whitetail Deer Hunting Regions

Whitetail Deer are, beyond any shadow of doubt, the most hunted big game animal in North America. Deer hunting is a cherished tradition that has been passed down for many generations. Another contributing factor is Whitetail Deer thrive in a variety of habitats and herds have been managed for health and optimum numbers for a very long time across the country. Of course, some areas just naturally grow big bucks, while others have more plentiful numbers.

No matter where you are in the country, you can enjoy hunting on property where quality game management systems have been in place and nice deer have been harvested without investing a huge amount of time and money. World Class Outdoors features quality outfitters and hunting guides from Florida to New York and on out to Montana. Some provide a high end lodge with deluxe meals and accommodations, while others have more of a rustic lodge and simple dining. Whatever your budget, choice of weapon or personal preference, these professionals are eager to get you the information you need, and help customize a whitetail hunting experience you and your friends will always treasure. Check out some of the most renown areas:

Illinois - Famous for big, farm-fed bucks with impressive racks. Bowhunting is a passion for many Illinois Outfitters and Guides.

Ohio - The hunting lodges and farms in Ohio offer both free range and high fence trophy hunts. If you are looking for a monster trophy whitetail deer, look in Ohio.

South Carolina - The lush and fertile deer habitat, combined with the mild climate is known to produce nice deer in incredible numbers. South Carolina has the longest hunting season in the country, and they harvest a lot of deer, turkey and wild hogs.

Texas - As my grand daddy always said, \"everything is bigger in Texas\". He may have been referring to something else, but we all have seen the long, graceful tines on the Texas Whitetail. All kinds of hunts for all kinds of hunters!

New York - For those near the north-east, the Adirondack mountains are a beautiful and game-rich area to hunt. Nice trophy deer, along with a variety of other game, are pursued.

Montana - Hunting in this incredible state is probably going to be a wilderness experience, but the reward of hunting a huge trophy whitetail in the rugged Montana mountains will never be lost. What a great way to enjoy time with your closest friends and fellow hunters.